What is a torso sex doll

sex torso

The sex doll torso is a very light mini sex doll. Usually, its weight is 4kg to 20kg. These sex doll torsos are made of TPE or silicone. Of course, they are all very safe materials.

Similarly, a torso sex doll is to solves the needs of sex. It has very realistic genitals and breasts. Some sex torso also has sex doll heads. So people often use it for vaginal sex, anal sex, breast sex, and oral sex. And the internal structure of these torso is very real. The internal passage has vivid folds. When the penis enters the vagina or anus, you can feel a real stimulus. Finally enjoy the ultimate sex pleasure.

In addition, there is also a male torso sexdoll. This is mainly a type of female masturbation. Usually, this torso has a very realistic dildo. And the dildo is very thick and big. When the woman sits on the torso, this lifelike erection dildo penetrates the vagina. Fill the vagina, and then the female swings her ass. With the escalation of stimulation, finally, enjoy a kind of riding sexual pleasure.

Torso sex doll is perfect for everyone, be it a beginner or experienced one. Everyone in life deserves love as well as companionship, but unfortunately, there are some people who lack these things in their life. But don’t worry because there is always a solution to the problem and for you. For them, torso sex doll can be a perfect gift. Sex doll torso is simple to use and also comes at pocket-friendly prices. It has smooth sexy breasts, big luscious butts, and of course anatomical openings, giving you a perfect pleasure of sex. You can buy a sex doll without limbs or even with added thighs or shoulders.They are available in different sizes as well as weights as per your requirement.

 Since they are very flexible, so you can use them in different directions to have perfect sex time. The manufacturers of torso doll make use of quality materials like TPE and silicon as well as pay attention to every detail be it breast or genital. When you have sex with doll torsos you will feel like having sex with your real women as the openings of sex are perfectly molded as well as texture.

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